A White Jaguar XJ Driving on a Waterfront Road


The ultimate expression of Jaguar sporting luxury

“A uniquely refined compromise between out-and-out sportiness and limousine comfort.”



The XJ redefines what a luxury car should be. It’s a dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power. It provides agility and delivers a refreshing dynamic driving experience. For the passenger, the cabin is built for stretching out and relaxing. The XJ features full LED headlights and tail lights. No car looks, or feels, like the XJ.


Jaguar XJ’s interior is as technologically advanced as it is luxurious. The quality of craftmanship throughout the cabin sets it apart from other cars. The XJ features the latest connected in-car technology to keep you informed and entertained. With a wide choice of colours, materials and finishes, the interior reflects the clarity and purity of its exterior.

Rear Seats of Jaguar XJ with Tray Table and Arm Rest in Position



Authoritative, elegant, and powerful. The Jaguar XJ’s teardrop shape is formed for optimum aerodynamic efficiency; reducing air resistance to a minimum, improving acceleration, fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. The XJ in motion is a sight to behold. Even at rest, it has the ability to raise your heart rate, its powerful character reflected in the low, wide stance and long taut waistline. With its fusion of honed lines and sculpted elegance, the XJ fully embodies Jaguars promise of a dramatic, dynamic and pure design.

A White Jaguar XJ Driving Down a Hill
A Black Jaguar XJ Driving Through a Mountain pass

Driving Experience


Jaguar XJ’s all aluminium body architecture is strong, extremely rigid and very light. Riveted, and without a single welded joint, the 100 percent aluminium monocoque chassis and body structure makes this the lightest car in its class. The excellent power-to-weight ratio improves all aspects of performance and the monocoque offers increased rigidity for improved handling, as well as excellent safety benefits.

Every Approved Used Jaguar Comes With:
12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty
12 Month Roadside assistance
30 Day Money Back
165 multi-point inspection
MOT insurance